Marcus Hiles, Briggs Range, and Sport

To a golf enthusiast, San Antonio, Texas, really shouldn’t need much of an introduction. It is celebrated all over the world for its diversity of attractions ranging from Six Flags and Sea World to such legendary venues as the Alamo and Alamadome. It is surely impossible for anyone visiting or living in this part of the world not to discover something of interest to take part in. However, it is for the golfing aficionado – and those with a passion for living in an area of such staggering beauty – that the Estates at Briggs Range must seem like an earthly paradise.

The Golf Club of Texas lies in the valley alongside the estate. The Course itself has been designed by PGA legend Lee Trevino, and is just one of the hundreds of professionally acclaimed courses in the area. The Briggs Range Gold Club (rated as one of the top ten courses in the United States) is also close at hand- offering excellent facilities to practice your short game and swing before teeing off at one of the most scenic courses in this part of the world.  Why not take a look at the many photographs taken of the course on Marcus D. Hiles, CEO of Western Rim, presentations on Slideshare?

The Estates at the Briggs Range community boast a 4,500ft clubhouse which includes facilities for all your health & fitness requirements. These range from a modern, innovative fitness centre, swimming pool, sports facilities, restaurants and very much more. It is a gated community, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times, and thrives on developing a diverse and social community of all age ranges. It is difficult to imagine that such a serene setting is only 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio, and therefore offers you a perfect natural residence while having all the conveniences of urban living. You can play 18 holes and have a lovely walk by the river during the day, then sit back in a restaurant  with a gourmet dinner and a glass of wine by night. Two worlds rarely ever dovetail so perfectly.

The apartments are spacious and range from one-bedroom to four-bedrooms. They are fully furnished in a modern design and the full range of high-tech household appliances. The high ceilings and light/neutral décor ensure that you have the perfect place to relax after the perfect day on the course or in the country, secure in the knowledge that Marcus Hiles Houston – Real Estate, has ensured that you have everything you need right on your doorstep.

Marcus Hiles and The Ecological Choice

It is a fact in the business world that there are only winners and losers. How a company responds to government legislation and societal pressures is one way to assess a company’s flexibility and innovative pedigree. Property developers operate under the same set of assumptions and restrictions that govern other businesses working in other areas of the economy – in particular the demands placed upon the industry by increasingly strict environmental regulations and the drive to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Whilst it is an unfortunate truth that many businesses are struggling to meet the targets set by environmental agencies, others have welcomed the challenge and have become beacons of light in the struggle to protect the world’s heritage.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles – Real Estate, are two such people who are far ahead of the pack in the environmental stakes. Marcus, the CEO of Western Rim Property Services, and his partner have long spoken about the importance of protecting their local environment. Both are born and raised in Texas, and this has had a decided impact on the way they view the state and its outstanding natural beauty. This impact has become integral to their company philosophy and has ensured they have retained a good reputation amongst buyers and others in the market. So what aspects of the Western Rim projects have made the projects so green?

To begin with the sites on which the properties are developed are committed to integrating their developments into their environment as unobtrusively as possible. They utilize natural parks, forests and rivers to include them in the design of the complexes, without spoiling the natural habitats that already exist there. Not only does this make them more pleasant for the residents living their, but supports the level of aesthetic expectation the wider community may hold, who might, of course, be weary of such development projects.

The designs of the apartments themselves are also created with an eye to keeping the ecological footprint of the developments as shallow as possible. They use weather stripping, reflective radiant barrier roof decking in the attic, dual pane low e-windows, and top of the range sound insulation. All the units are serviced by HVAC systems, which uses 39% less energy than the standard. CFL and LED light bulbs are used to further reduce energy usage, and all the landscape systems are designed using water conserving irrigation systems. Every aspect of these projects underlines Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles‘ commitment to creating eco-friendly projects that never sacrifice any element of the luxury lifestyle their residents want to enjoy. Newport Classic Homes by Marcus D. Hiles is an excellent place to explore more about Western Rim and the environment.

Marcus Hiles and The Grand Estates Project

Western Rim Property Services has justifiably gained a reputation as being one of the most innovative and exciting housing development companies in Texas in recent years. It has consistently implemented a clear vision of integrity and environmental awareness, while maintaining an extremely high level of architecture and interior design. This commitment has allowed its properties to become some of the most sought-after in this part of the country. Western Rim’s latest venture, the Grand Estates Project, appears to have taken these elegant living environments to the next level by creating exclusive, member-only residential communities that have so far been unmatchable in terms of quality and stylish living.

The Grand Estates projects have had a lot of innovation and invention put into them. CEO of Western Rim Property, Texas-based Marcus Hiles, has been meticulous in choosing locations and designs, and how to best integrate these with the local community and environment. Sustainability and comfort are two components uppermost in the mind of a Western Rim property developer when beginning a project. They often use the natural landscapes of the sites to make the introduction of housing in the areas of natural beauty as seamless and as unobtrusive as possible. Not only does this please the existing local communities, but also upholds the company’s commitment to reducing their ecological footprint.

The communities offer an exciting array of facilities for residents, while remaining secure in the knowledge that they are in a gated community for like-minded people. All sites include a state-of-the-art health center with private personal trainer, an outdoor swimming complex, mail room, on-site jogging trail, 24/7 maintenance to name but a few services. Such features give the atmosphere of living in a luxury hotel, or the ”Ritz Carlton” service as the company often refers to it, while retaining the privacy of living in your own personalized space.

The interiors give the feeling of living in a luxury New York down-town apartment, with modern, stylish furniture and quality in all the details, from the granite work tops to the Italian marble flooring of the entrance ways. It is difficult not to feel like you are living the dolce vita walking into such modern palaces. Western Rim also has a commitment to creating an integrated community, hence their desire for residents to use the communal social club. To find out more about the company and the CEO himself, have a glance at new Marcus Hile information on

Marcus Hiles and Developing Texas

Although there are still many professional workers seeking their fortunes in big cities, the rapid development of housing estates in the countryside has provided a very real opportunity to those looking to escape from the stress of a pressured urban environment to the tranquil surroundings of nature. The northern areas of Texas have seen a remarkable growth in urban development over the past couple of years. With their stylish and chic urban design, environmentally-friendly design, and surroundings of great natural beauty- not to mention the numerous facilities on offer in these communities- many have chosen to live here, from young urban professionals to aspirational families. And who is to congratulate for this mass rejuvenation in modern housing development?

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are real-estate giants in these parts. Both Texans by birth, they have been instrumental in developing a new type of living community. Their company, Western Rim Property, now has over 25,000 thousand apartments in their portfolio, many of which are part of a larger community of housing complexes which offer the residents remarkable facilities. Their commitment to developing Eco-friendly housing projects – as well as developing local economies – has proved inspirational to many in the area. And this has attracted a large group of admirers eager to participate in one of their projects.

And what do these complexes have to offer? One of the most noticeable attractions of these exciting new communities is the beautiful areas of green space which surround them. They offer state of the art contemporary urban design in a natural environment, to many offering the perfect combination of two worlds. The facilities on hand are numerous, from thriving high-tech health centers, wifi zones, community clubhouses and swimming pools. This area of North Texas is also highly-regarded as being a place which caters for all hobbies, interests and tastes. From world famous sports teams to globally renowned music venues, there really is something for everyone in this part of the world.

It is no wonder then that Marcus Hiles has been the subject of numerous articles. The demand to relocate to such attractive areas of natural beauty in Texas has increased the demand for these projects, and has ensured that the Hiles’ will remain busy in supporting the local community by bringing such economic prosperity to the region. A good way to discover further information would be to visit

Mansions Projects by Marcus Hiles

In terms of creating high quality, luxury and elegant housing developments in the state of Texas, no one has achieved as much success and excellence as Western Rim Property Service. Through a blend of high specification design, unbeatable locations and well facilitated housing communities, the company has managed to provide for a range of aspirational Americans. Those looking to live in the peace and tranquillity of the stunning Texan nature, whilst remaining within distance of exciting urban areas have been provided with an opportunity to meet both desires through such projects.

Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles is a rare blend of vision and vigour. His company is the market leader in proving quality, elegant homes for those looking to live a life of luxury. The latest projects, Mansions, seek to couple families and young professionals with their ideal homes, elegantly designed, with a range of facilities and services on site that give the atmosphere of a highly catered hotel lifestyle. Some of the great community features of the projects include a state-of-the-art fitness center, luxurious social clubroom to promote and encourage the community spirit so important to Western Rim, playground and activity area for children, dedicated Starbucks cafe, on-demand concierge service and outdoor swimming area with training deck. What they have sought to create is a place residents can feel safe and stimulated within the confines of their community, whilst having an easy access to the attractions of urban living and entertainment on your doorstep.

The vision Western Rim have tried to impose has also states its commitment to developing green projects. All the housing complexes are noticeably leafy, and naturally slot into the rural landscape without being too imposing. The materials used to create the buildings are Eco-friendly, and all the power sources and logistics of the complexes use 39% less energy than the industry standard. The houses are installed with low e-windows, LED lighting and use VOC paints to decorate the interiors. The commitment to the environment seeps through every aspect of these projects.

The Mansions projects also have a keen eye on contributing to the local communities. Marcus Hiles often states that he hopes by bringing these projects to this part of Texas, so too businesses will follow to capitalize on the potential economic prosperity, having a positive knock on effect on all the communities. Western Rim Property Services have excelled in the market, and many communities in Texas will hope they continue to do so. Discover more on Marcus Hiles America.

Marcus Hiles’ American Dream

CEO and founder of Western Rim Property Services Marcus Hiles was raised in a humble working class family. He is therefore well aware of the needs of an average American family, and has carved out a way to build low cost high-end homes in urban settings, making a fortune in the process. Most of his properties include access to the best schools, offices, salons, cafes, spas, etc. These homes and apartments are either sold or rented to residents at affordable rates that are lower than the current market rates. Western Rim Properties has over the years come to be one of the most popular and sought after property providers across the whole of Texas.

The amazing mansions showcased on TV and in magazines so often seem out of reach for most of the working class in America. We all sit around dreaming of owning those houses and wishing we had the capital to live such a life. Marcus Hiles has made these dreams attainable with Western Rim Properties and Mansion Custom Homes. The secret is partially in cutting out the middleman, apparently. Marcus Hiles has made many dreams come true for prospective home buyers. He is a true entrepreneur at heart who keeps the needs of the community at the top of his list. He provides luxurious homes at reasonable rates and also contributes his hard earned money for numerous causes. Hiles is a businessman and a humanitarian and there fore a perfect role model. He is not only a role model for the community but also all of the upcoming businessmen of today.

His company oversees the handling of the building material, the construction of each property and the final steps to ensure a beautiful, polished look. Each property is distinctive and ensuring its residents look forward to coming home every day. These features include such amenities as spas, pools, gardens offices and even golf courses. The properties are always located near business districts and the best school districts. Marcus Hiles wanted to make sure that the residents didn’t have to decide between having a nice home and living near their work/school.

Marcus Hiles has made it his mission to donate back as much as he has gained from the society that he was raised in. He has contributed his hard earned money towards various causes including education support, women’s shelter programs, children’s hospitals and recreation facilities. His greatest monetary contributions include donating a million dollars each for K-12 education and higher education funds. Find out more about Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles Real Estate here:

Marcus Hiles – Looking Forwards and Giving Back

Success today is not as simple as climbing a corporate ladder, getting to the top and never looking back down again. Long gone are the years of wall street excess, in which bankers and economic playboys won and lost fortunes in a matter of minutes. In a contemporary world that is invested in its own development and founded on ethics of responsibility success means getting more by providing for others and, eventually, by giving back completely to those around you. Allowing more people to have the opportunities that you have had is one of the most successful and popular characteristics of American businessmen that has made them unique in their attitude. Marcus Hiles is an entrepreneur of this kind and the story of his career has shown the dual movement of success at many stages.

Marcus Hiles worked very hard in order to read the position he is in now. He was born into a modest family that put most of their money into his education and allowed him to study at Rice University where he excelled in his study. Following his degree he put much work into establishing Western Rim Property Services, that gradually gained a name as a provider of luxury residences across Texas. The key to Marcus Hiles development as a property developer was looking to the future in terms of what customers might need, and by trying to see ahead he went above the market standard in what was required. As a result the properties that Marcus Hiles has worked on include cutting edge design, full relaxation facilities and sporting grounds as standard in their construction. This action helps to stimulate the market and push competition to catch up.

On the other hand, Marcus Hiles has developed something of a philanthropic reputation alongside his name a big time developer. Marcus Hiles has invested in communities by giving generous amounts in the millions to local schools and colleges that were in need of funding for expansion. By giving money to educational institutions Marcus Hiles demonstrates an interest in giving others the same kinds of advantages that he has had through hard work, encouraging good study and academia to all. Likewise he has also put a great of money into public parks and to green spaces for his location, demonstrating a concern for nature and the fact that it is being overtaken by industrial development. On the whole the image of Marcus Hiles is two sided in the way that was outlined at the start of the article. To be complete, one must look at both sides of a situation at all times.

Marcus Hiles – A Philanthropic Figure

Texas real estate icon Marcus Hiles is CEO and Chairman of Western Rim Property Services and its wholly owned affiliate, Mansions Custom Homes. Hiles has succeeded in reaching Hiles’ goal of building “the highest quality homes in top locations while maximizing views and signature amenities in superior school districts,” according to company philosophy. Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties in 2004, and currently boasts a stunning portfolio of luxury apartment homes, condominiums, and custom mansions situated in some of the most sought-after spots across Texas. Every apartment complex and condominium community developed by Western Rim is tailor-made to provide its residents with the most up-to-date amenities and convenience, including health clubs, cafes, stores, playgrounds, salons, personal concierges, and much more.

The success of Western Rim Property Services has allowed Marcus Hiles to realize his childhood dream of becoming a leading philanthropic figure in Texas, a role which he has humbly served for over twenty years. Marcus Hiles has worked hard to ensure that Western Rim Properties never wavers in its dedication to giving back to the community. Marcus Hiles has proven time and again a key player in creating a number of environmentally-friendly parks, recreational centers, and other cultural amenities. What’s more, Western Rim Properties has invested heavily in several environmentally-friendly technologies that reduce waste, and consequently improve the overall performance of the company.

In recent years, Western Rim Property Services has been a leader in promoting the construction and long-term maintenance of parkland and public green spaces in cities across Texas. Marcus Hiles believes that increasing the number of green spaces in major metropolitan areas enhances the overall well-being and longevity of residents, and through Western Rim Property Services he has proven capable of achieving and surpassing his goals as a leading philanthropic figure in the environmental sector. A formidable obstacle confronting property developers everywhere concerns the preservation and protection of the natural habits that surround their investments. In line with his ecological and philanthropic approach to development, Hiles has consistently faced and overcome this challenge in the most ecologically sustainable manner possible. Marcus Hiles has been a philanthropic figure in Texas for two decades, enjoys giving back to the community, and he intends to continue his charitable practices for many years to come.

Marcus Hiles – Inventor of the Grand Estate

In the year two thousand and sixteen it seems that the idea of inventing something, or even innovating something is incredibly difficult to verify. Famously a number of historians and theorists signaled the end of true innovation and embraced an era of simulation, copies and re-hashing. In a number of ways this pessimistic outlook is somewhat true, and one only has to turn to the architecture and design around them to see just how much such an idea has taken hold of the environment. Some of the chief people responsible for such repetition are those working for property development companies and architectural firms that are lacking in a sense of vision or morale.

This condition need not be the case and no prognosis can be total when the global market is brought into view. We can rally against such a view by looking at the people in our contemporary world that have taken a look at their surroundings to transform them and that have used their personal experience to enrich their work. When we account for such individuals and institutions we gain a broader view of the state of the world that is on the whole more hopeful and optimistic, unlike the writings and proclamations of others in the recent past. A candidate for focus in such a consideration is without a doubt Marcus D Hiles. How did Marcus Hiles come to the limelight? Simply, as an innovator and inventor in the age of repetition.

Marcus Hiles is the inventor the Grand Estate, a name that is now worn proudly on a great many of his property developments across the United States. The Grand Estate is an amalgamation of luxury and exclusivity, whipped up with a focus on breathtaking architecture, comfortable interiors and a truly live-able essence that enriches all of his work. His company, Western Rim Property Services is the body that helps him achieve this and spread the word about true invention and the possibility of good design in our age. Several websites are now dedicated to him, such as Marcus Hiles Dallas Texas and many more. It is worth furthering your research by following the links to learn more and see the revolution that is happening all around us right now in the property world of Marcus Hiles.

Marcus Hiles – Real Estate Tycoon who treats customers like royalty

When it comes to feeling like royalty, you have to live in luxury. And when it comes to luxury homes, some of the best that have been developed are by Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Properties or Mansion Custom Homes.

Marcus Hiles Built A Real Estate Empire By Listening To Customer Needs. This is certainly evident from the stylish design of the homes that includes every imaginable luxury, including the best amenities and the finest locations, surrounded by parks, spas and everything else a resident could possibly desire.

These luxuries are not available to only those who can afford a fancy price tag, but are targeted at the average American household. That’s what makes Marcus Hiles’ properties truly stand out from the rest that are available on the market.

Marcus Hiles: The man living American Dream and helping others to also live the American Dream. Since his homes are priced below the existing market value, it makes it easier for even middle class families to live at them and enjoy the luxuries of living next to the best schools and businesses. It’s the vision and foresight of this exceptional entrepreneur that has made all of this possible for the Texan resident looking for a luxury home today.

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