Marcus Hiles is not afraid to be labeled as the man who provides high-quality housing to Texans. This simple fact has ensured that the placement of such developments offers a rich variety of opportunity for people of all ages and interests. The Mansions at 3Eighty is surrounded by the rich culture of North Texas, and give the residents there a rare opportunity to thrive within a members-only world class community providing luxury with exceptional sophistication. Close to the fast-paced hills of down town Dallas, yet located in the beautiful nature surrounding the shores of Lake Lewisville, it offers the perfect balance of tranquil and private living with the opportunities and conveniences associated with urban living. It lies at the heart of all good thing Texas has to offer- world class beautiful golf courses, outdoor pursuits, vibrant and growing metropolises and the history and culture of an important state in the history of the US.

Western Rim Property Services is an ambitious company with a deserved reputation for luxurious, affordable housing coupled with a unequalled regard for preserving the environment, and supporting the communities wherever it builds. And it has clearly found the recipe for success if its extensive portfolio of over 25,000 properties is anything to go by. One of its very latest developments is The Mansions 3Eighty, which more than successfully realizes the vision presented by Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles, at its conception- to integrate a community culture with an environmentally conscious approach to sustainability. A good way to get a further perspective on these properties is to look at The Conroe, Texas, Real Estate by Marcus Hiles on

What is important in Western Rim property developments is that through design they can instil a sense of community and well being amongst the residents looking to integrate with others. The large swimming pool and children’s playground offer somewhere to relax and exercise for adults and children, and the 24-hour fitness centre has its own personal fitness trainer for your needs. The heart of the community is the social club, which lies integral to the community events and celebrations, and offers a nice space with which to enjoy the big sporting occasions for residents.

The Mansions at 3Eighty embodies everything so important to the visions of Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services. It encourages community, sustainability and luxury design to co-exist in a residential utopia in the heart of all that makes Texas a great place to live. You can find out more about such superb properties on Marcus Hiles Official Account on AngelList

Marcus Hiles Offers Opportunities For All

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