Marcus Hiles Creates Solution For Millennial Housing Woes

According to Western Rim’s Marcus Hiles, Dallas is experiencing what will become a new norm in urban residential living, along similar lines of several other of the fastest growing major U.S. cities such as Houston, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Millennials and aging baby boomers increasingly want luxury without the maintenance. But, the reality is that there are several other forces at work here too. The growth in demand is also driven by large segments of the population that cannot qualify for a high down payment mortgage, aren’t looking to buy, or have decided to downsize – all at the same time. Hiles suggests that affordable upscale rental communities will grow in popularity as affluent Americans become city dwellers – whether by choice or out of necessity.

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Marcus Hiles Creates Solution For Millennial Housing Woes

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