America exceeded $166 billion in capital investments in 2015, a ten percent rise from the previous year. With almost a third of the contributions coming from Texas, Dallas based real estate investor Marcus Hiles believes his state has not only showed the potential for sustained long-term economic growth, but has also become important to the achievements of the American economy. As Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, Hiles has spent over thirty years studying market tendencies in the quest of making profitable, strategic property acquisitions.On the whole, U.S. capital investment rose $16 billion from 2014, according to a report from multinational firm Ernst & Young. Texas noted $48.3 billion in business financing, which ranked first in the country, and the Gulf Coast states who are traditional leaders in the energy industry, attracted the most investors for the fifth year in a row. Forty percent of the funds were lent to chemical manufacturing facilities, and seventy percent of those were new, liquefied natural gas export compounds. The Lone Star State also excelled in the financial, technology, and professional service fields, as shown by their 38,400 mobile project jobs, the maximum number in the nation.

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Marcus Hiles Explains the Market Tendencies of Texas

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